August 11, 2009

EMBRACE – Active registry for bioinformatics web services

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Web services’ have become important tools in bioinformatics, allowing databases and algorithms to be accessed programmatically as computational components in programs, workflows and interactive analysis tools. Although these services are becoming common, with an growing adoption of standard protocols and technologies, the mechanisms for collecting and publicizing them are less mature.
A number of mechanisms for finding services have emerged over recent years but they have various limitations.

The EMBRACE (A European Model for Bioinformatics Research and Community Education) Network of Excellence has produced a web service registry that attempts to tackle the limitations and drawbacks of the already existing systems.The EMBRACE Service Registry is a collection of life-science web services with built-in service testing.

The EMBRACE registry is a collection of life-science web services originating from the EMBRACE Network of Excellence. As a potential user of these, you can search the registry for services that match your needs, and find example client software to help you use them in your own programs or workflows. The registry periodically monitors the status and behaviour of the registered services, collating and logging this information so that you can see how reliable services are, and whether they are currently functioning as the service providers expect them to.

To access EMBRACE click on the following link –

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