September 17, 2009

ADAN: A Database for Prediction of Protein Protein Interactions

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In the last post we had given an introductions to MIPS (Mammalian Prtein Protein Interaction database). Most of the structures and functions of proteome globular domains are yet unknown. We can use high-resolution structures from different modular domains in combination with automatic protein design algorithms to predict genome-wide potential interactions of a protein. Todays post introduces a database whcih helps in prediction of such protein interactions.

ADAN database is a collection of different modular protein domains (SH2, SH3, PDZ, WW, etc.). It contains 3505 entries with extensive structural and functional information available, manually integrated, curated and annotated with cross-references to other databases, biochemical and thermodynamical data, simplified coordinate files, sequence files and alignments. Prediadan, a subset of ADAN database, offers position-specific scoring matrices for protein?protein interactions, calculated by FoldX, and predictions of optimum ligands and putative binding partners. Users can also scan a query sequence against selected matrices, or improve a ligand?domain interaction. The ADAN Database can be accessed from here: