September 23, 2009

Reactome: A database for pathways and Reactions

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While studying about Biological pathways and databases, I landed on the home the Reactome Database, Indeed its a great creation. Here is a small introduction to “Reactome”.

Reactome is a free, online, open-source, curated resource of core pathways and reactions in human biology.It is a database which is maintained by the Reactome editorial staff and cross-referenced to the NCBI Entrez Gene, Ensembl and UniProt databases, the UCSC and HapMap Genome Browsers, the KEGG Compound and ChEBI small molecule databases, PubMed, and GO.curated human data are used to infer orthologous events in 22 non-human species including mouse, rat, chicken, puffer fish, worm, fly, yeast, two plants and E.coli.

The Reactome website ( can be browsed like an online textbook. The website’s front page features a large ‘reaction map’ that summarizes all of the currently curated or inferred pathways, and a table of contents that describes each of the top-level pathways in the database. In the reaction map, each reaction is represented as a small arrow, and arrows are joined end to end to indicate that the output of one reaction becomes the input of the next. The reactions are organized in distinctive patterns to allow researchers to become familiar with the different parts of the reaction network.

Here is a article which talk about Reactome in detail:

Reactome can be accessed from here:

Reactome also hosts some tools for data analysis. These are Skypainter and Boiomart. Most probably, my next post would be on these tools. So, keep visiting…!!!