January 14, 2010

EGAN – Exploratory Gene Association Networks

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EGAN (Exploratory Gene Association Networks) is a software tool that allows a domain expert (a biologist) to visualize and interpret the results of high-throughput exploratory assays in an interactive hypergraph of entities (genes), relationships (protein-protein interactions, literature co-occurence, etc.) and meta-data (annotation, signaling pathways, etc.). EGAN provides comprehensive, automated calculation of meta-data coincidence (over-representation, enrichment) for user- and assay-defined entity subsets (gene lists), and provides direct links to web resources and literature (NCBI Entrez
Gene, PubMed, KEGG, Google, etc.).

EGAN has been built using Cytoscape libraries for graph visualization and layout, and is comparable to DAVID, GSEA, Ingenuity IPA and Ariadne Pathway Studio.

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