September 10, 2009

Have large Genomics Data: Genephony is the tool for you !!

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Beacuse of the increase in genome wide analysis experiments and due to adoption of high throughput experimental technologies, a large amount of data is generated. It is quite a tedious task to manage this data.Integration, exploration, manipulation and interpretation of data and information therefore need to become as automated as possible, since their scale and breadth are, in general, beyond the limits of what individual researchers and the basic data management tools in normal use can handle.

Genephony, hosted by University of Florida,  is an online tool to assist in this data management. It is a tool for manipulation of large datasets of genomic information. It can be used as a browser for genomic data, as a high-throughput annotation tool, and as a knowledge discovery tool. It is designed to be easy to use, flexible and extensible. Its knowledge management engine provides fine-grained control over individual data elements, as well as efficient operations on large datasets.It can also be used to manage large datasets of genomic information, integrating them with existing knowledge repositories.

Click here to access Genephony: