September 11, 2009

List of Companies working on Microarrays and related Data Analysis

Affymetrix —  Developing systems to acquire, analyze and manage genetic info.
Agilent Technologies —   Provider of a range of microarrays for different organisms, manufacture the 2100 bioanalyzer.
Asper Biotechnology —   Manufacture coated microarray glass slides.
Axon Instruments —  Design and manufacture of instrumentation for genomics and proteomics.
BioDiscovery —   Providing software solutions for gene expression research.
BioMicro Systems — Providing the MAUI Hybridization system for active mixing of ultra low volumes during microarray hybridization.
BioRobotics —  Design, manufacture, and supply of automated solutions for molecular biology research.
BioSieve —  Provides microarray data analysis package on Java platform.
Cartesian Technologies —   Providing tools for microscale liquid handling and associated automation.
Clondiag Chip Technologies —  Imaging and LIMS software and technologies.
Clontech — Development and production of innovative biological products.
GeneData —  Providing computational solutions for analyisis of large quantities of data.
GeneLogic — Providing a data management platform for large-scale data analysis.
Genemachines — Developing machinery for genomics automation.
Gene Network Sciences — Developing dynamic computer models of living cells and next generation data-mining tools.
Genomic Solutions — Providing a variety of genomic research tools.
Genetix — Providing microarray printers, scanners, reagents and consumables.
Genotypic — A genomics and bioinformatics company, providing microarray products & services.
Genome Explorations Inc. — Providing Gene Expression analysis using the Affymetrix Platform.
Iobion Informatics LLC —   Microarray data management and analysis software.
LION Bioscience — Providing expression data analysis systems.
Molecular Dynamics —  Developing and manufacturing microarray systems.
Motorola Life Sciences — Developing system solutions for high-performance gene espression profiling.
MWG Biotech — Microarray provider of multiple whole genome arrays, custom arrays and other array products
Ocimum Biosolutions — Providing biotechnology software solutions, including Genowiz for micorarray data analysis and management.
Packard BioScience — Producing tools used in genomics and proteomics.
Perkin Elmer — Providing a list of various microarray products.
Rosetta Inpharmatics — Providers of bioinformatics solutions and gene expression analysis systems.
Scanalytics — Providing image analysis software for extracting and visualizing DNA microarray data.
Silicon Genetics — Providing genomic expression data analysis, visualization, mining, and storage products.
SSI Robotics — Robotic automation systems and instrument integration for life science related processes.
Superarray Bioscience — Developing pathway/application specific gene expression tools

Add more to this list…… !!!